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This is an EXAMPLE product - I suggest could be used 'Duplicate current product' link (at top of 'Product' screen)
then modify fields as required.

Note! - type the Artist & Tracks lines with NO BLACK LINES between them - when this is done, then highlight each 'Artist' line and format it as 'heading6' (see example below) - this will insert the correct spacing.

The 'Description field should look like this (below):

Play asSample clip (~1 min)
Klien Tindall Paramount Serenaders  ÿ  ÿ  ÿ <--  ÿ use the 'Heading 6' drop-down to format like this example  ÿ(just trust me it will be blue and bold when the visitors see it )
 ÿ ÿ  ÿ1 ÿ ÿ  ÿDown On The Amazon ÿ
 ÿ ÿ  ÿ2 ÿ ÿ  ÿSo Is Your Old Man -1 ÿ
 ÿ ÿ  ÿ3 ÿ ÿ  ÿSo Is Your Old Man -2 ÿ
Preston Jackson's Uptown Band ÿ
 ÿ ÿ  ÿ4 ÿ ÿ  ÿIt's Tight Jim -1 ÿ
 ÿ ÿ  ÿ5 ÿ ÿ  ÿIt's Tight Jim -2 ÿ
 ÿ ÿ  ÿ6 ÿ ÿ  ÿYearning For Mandalay ÿ

^  ÿ  ÿ ^  ÿ  ÿ <--- Nb used the TAB key here to space the track & track-description.

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