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remastered to CDs |My Good Man Sam - Blues & Jazz Annual No 2 (Tr:1) |Senegalese Stomp - Blues & Jazz Annual No 2 (Tr:16) |Key to the Highway - Blues & Jazz Annual No 2 (Tr:26) |The Southern Stomps - Johnny Dodds On Paramount(DGF77 Tr:3) |Ape Man - Johnny Dodds On Paramount(DGF77 (DGF77 Tr:4) |The Creeper - The Washingtonians Rare and Early Duke Ellington Sessions...(DGF78 Tr:14) |Old Folks Shuffle - Stop And Listen Rare & Hot Black Band Recordings...(DGF79 Tr:17)|Andy Kirk and his 12 Clouds of joy (DGF54 Tr 5)|Frog Spawn White Hot Batch (DGF76  Tr 1)

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