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2019 Calendar with classic artwork from the 1920s - by Blues Images

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2019 'Blues' Wall Calendar
plus FREE CD - Included with calendar.

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Classic Blues from the 1920's Vol. 16

CD Track Listings:
January to December artwork

(1) Winding Ball Mama  Papa George Lightfoot
(2) Piney Woods Money Mama  Blind Lemon Jefferson
(3) Love Sick Blues  Jim Jackson
(4) Ma Rainey • Memphis Minnie
(5) Too Tight Blues No. 2  Blind Blake
(6) Jumping On The Hill – Test [Unreleased]  The Beale Street Sheiks
(7) Black Biting Bee Blues  Leola B. Wilson with Blind Blake
(8) Coon Can Blues  Dad Nelson
(9) Ash Tray Blues • Papa Charlie Jackson
(10) Oh Death  Charley Patton
(11) My Grey Pony  Joe Williams
(12) Christians Fight On, Your Time Ain’t Long  Sam Butler

Bonus tracks (artwork doesn't exist for these songs)
(13) Heaven Is My View  Sam Butler
(14) Snake Hipping Daddy  Papa George Lightfoot
(15) Low Down Mojo Blues  Blind Lemon Jefferson
(16) Walking Blues  Raymond Barrow
(17) Troubled ’Bout My Mother  Charley Patton
(18) Don’t Speak To Me  Lottie Kimbrough
(19) Got The Blues About Rome • Otto Virgial
(20) Seven Year Itch  Otto Virgial
(21) Indian Squaw Blues  Freezone
(22) I’m A Roamin’ Gambler  William Harris
(23) I Was Born In The Country— Raised In Town  William Harris

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