Rare & Hot Black Bands 1923-1930: Stop & Listen!

Rare & Hot Black Bands 1923-1930: Stop & Listen!


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Now available!  This exciting new release features many first time re-issues of alternative takes, test pressings and impossibly rare issues of 1920's black bands featuring both the legends and 'the lost' musicians of classic hot jazz.

Play a sample clip (~1 min)
Tiny Parham And His "Forty" Five
    1    Jim Jackson's Kansas City Blues
    2    A Little Bit Closer
Tiny Parham And His Musicians
    3    Voodoo #1
    4   That Kind Of Love #1
    5    My Dreams #1
Ted Claire's Snappy Bits Band
    6    Laughin' Cryin' Blues #A
    7    Four O'Clock Blues
Charlie A. Matson's Creole Serenaders
    8    'Tain't Nobody's Business If I Do #A
    9    I Just Want A Daddy #B
Leroy Smith & His Orchestra
    10    Morning (Won't You Ever Come Round?) #5
    11    Stop & Listen #6
Dixie Washboard Band
    12    Boodle Am #1
Sammy Lewis & His Bamville Syncopators
    13    Arkansas Shout 
    14    There'll Come A Time
Clarence M. Jones Wonder Orchestra
    15    The Arm Breaker
Joe Jordan's Ten Sharps & Flats
    16    Morrocco Blues #3
    17    Old Folk's Shuffle #1
Eddie Heywood & His Jazz Six
    18    Let's Start All Over Again
    19    Trombone Moaning Blues
    20    What Have I Done? #C
Dixon & Channey
    21    Sweet Patunia
Junie Cobb & His Grains Of Corn
    22    Ain't It A Cryin' Shame #A
Harlem House Rent Stompers
    23    Gravel Pit Stomp
McKinney's Cotton Pickers
    24    I Want Your Love #1

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