The New Paramount Book Of Blues

The New Paramount Book Of Blues

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Hardback Book

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This magnificent hardback book by Alex van der Tuuk, beautifully illustrated in colour, contains updated biographies for 58 of the most elusive artists on Paramount race records.

Blues fans and researchers will find much that is new, exciting and unexpected within its pages.



Fifty-eight biographies of Paramount blues artists with sensational new information based on years of research. Some of the artists covered by the New Paramount Book of Blues recorded prolifically during the 1920s and 1930s; others cut less than a handful of songs. Some of them recorded exclusively for Paramount; others also made records for other companies. Most of them have received less attention than the likes of Charlie Patton, Skip James and Tommy Johnson (all Paramount recording artists) or Bukka White, John Hurt and Robert Wilkins, who recorded elsewhere.

In the “rediscovery” days of the 1960s and later, some Paramount artists were not considered interesting enough to bother with; others, like Freddie Spruell, seemed to have vanished from the earth. Ike Rodgers and Bessie Mae Smith died too soon to encounter researchers; Joel Taggart, Will Ezell, Charlie McFadden, Elzadie Robinson and others were still around, but received no attention until long after their deaths. We still do not know for certain when and where Charlie Spand and Willard “Ramblin’” Thomas died.

New information is presented on all these artists, and on others, including Willie Brown, Piano Kid Edwards, Walter Hawkins, Bo Weavil Jackson and Blind Joe Reynolds. There are a few previously published biographies included, like those of Joel Taggart and the Graves Brothers, but most are being seen here for the first time.

Inevitably, first-hand information about Paramount blues artists and their lives has almost dried up with the passage of time, but the internet has made it possible to fill in many blanks, and sometimes to a surprising extent. Blues fans and researchers will find much that is new, exciting and unexpected in the New Paramount Book of Blues.


  1. Lovie Austin
  2. Charles Avery
  3. Viola Bartlette
  4. Ed Bell
  5. Eloise Bennett
  6. Arthur "Blind" Blake
  7. Lucille Bogan
  8. Ardell Bragg
  9. Henry Brown
  10. Willie Brown
  11. Hattie Burleson
  12. Bob Call
  13. Ben Covington
  14. Ben Curry
  15. Teddy Darby
  16. Emmett Dickenson
  17. Aletha Dickerson
  18. Mattie Dorsey
  19. Sally Duffie
  20. Amos Easton
  21. Bernice Edwards
  22. Kid Edwards
  23. Will Ezell
  24. Leroy Roscoe Garnett
  25. Clifford Gibson
  26. Roosevelt Graves
  27. Lee Green
  28. George Hannah
  29. Walter Hawkins
  30. Bertha Henderson
  31. Edna Hicks
  32. Eddie House
  33. James Jackson
  34. Charlie Jackson
  35. Louise Johnson
  36. Tommy Johnson
  37. Moses Mason
  38. Hattie McDaniel
  39. Charles McFadden
  40. Sodarisa Miller
  41. Marshall Owens
  42. Charley Patton
  43. Joe Reynolds
  44. Elzadie Robinson
  45. Isadore Rodgers
  46. D. Short
  47. Henry Sims
  48. Danny Small
  49. Bessie Mae Smith
  50. Charlie Spand
  51. Freddie Spruell
  52. Frank Stokes
  53. Joel Taggart
  54. Elvie Thomas and Geeshie Wiley
  55. Willard Thomas
  56. Wesley Wallace
  57. Nolan Welsh
  58. "Jabo" Williams

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Format:                       Lavishly illustrated full color hardback
Publication Date:        March 2017
Publisher:                   Agram Blues Books
ISBN:                          9 789082 657005

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