Vocalion 1000 & Brunswick 7000 Race Series

Vocalion 1000 & Brunswick 7000 Race Series

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Hardback Book.

For the first time, AGRAM now publish a book written by collector friends, Helge Thygesen from Denmark and Russell Shor from the United States. Together they have spent years collecting 78 r.p.m. records in the Vocalion 1000 and Brunswick 7000 series. Both are "race series," which included only recordings by African-American artists. The Brunswick-Balke-Collender company started the Vocalion 1000 series in April/May 1926, and the Brunswick 7000 in May 1927. The music was the cream of the crop of classic 1920s jazz and blues recordings.

We have adopted the same style for the book as used for the Paramount discographies. The discography is on the right-hand pages, and the left-hand pages display an advertisement for, or a label shot of, one of the records described on the facing page. As these sometimes extremely rare illustrations are often so wonderful, we have published this book in full color. In your hands you now hold a gem of a book that will become a rare collector’s item, as has happened with Helge Thygesen’s previous book, on the Black Swan label, which has sold out. This book differs from the Paramount discography, which lists matrices in numerical order so the various sessions can be restored.

The Vocalion/Brunswick discography lists all the issued records in order of catalog number and gives the details on the labels as accurately as possible. Another difference is that files for Paramount have disappeared, so we have many gaps in that discography. But the Vocalion/Brunswick files survived, so the authors can present the virtually complete catalog. I am proud that Helge and Russell chose Agram Blues Books as their publisher for this ground-breaking discography.

Product Details:

Format:                       Hardback (cloth with gold imprint)
Publication Date:        January 2014
Publisher:                   Agram Blues Books

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