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Johnny Dodds: Blue Clarinet Stomp


All lovers of New Orleans jazz will appreciate the genius that is Johnny Dodds – the hottest clarinet in the history of Jazz & Blues featuring his Victor sessions made between the years 1928 and 1929. From the trio recordings with veterans Charlie Alexander & bassist Bill Johnson to the washboard bands with Honore Dutrey & Natty Dominique . Featuring superb sound with many previously  unheard tests 

Johnny Dodds Trio
    1    Blue Clarinet Stomp
    2    Blue Clarinet Stomp
    3    Blue Piano Stomp
Johnny Dodds' Washboard Band
    4    Bucktown Stomp
    5    Weary City
    6    Bull Fiddle Blues
    7    Blue Washboard Stomp
Johnny Dodds' Orchestra
    8    Pencil Papa
    9    Too Tight
    10    Sweet Lorraine
    11    Sweet Lorraine
    12    My Little Isabel
    13    My Little Isabel
    14    Pencil Papa
    15    Heah Me Talkin'
    16    Heah Me Talkin'
    17    Goober Dance
    18    Goober Dance
    19    Too Tight
    20    Too Tight
Johnny Dodds Trio
    21    Indigo Stomp
    22    Indigo Stomp
Sippie Wallace
    23    I'm A Might Tight Woman 
All lovers of New Orleans jazzAll lovers of New Orleans jazzAll lovers of New Orleans jazz All lovers of New Orleans jazz 

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