New Orleans Owls - The Owls' Hoot

New Orleans Owls - The Owls' Hoot


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Various artists including The New Orleans Owls, one of the finest active in the Crescent City throughout the twenties. Plus The New Orleans Ryhthm Kings & John Hyman’s Bayou Stompers.

This hot C.D. contains all 18 of the known Owls recordings including the truly excellent ‘Stomp Off, Let’s Go” and title track “The Owl’s Hoot”. This outstanding band effectively bridged the gap between the N.O. Rhythm Kings (whose last session also appears here) and the later hot jazz & dance bands of the twenties.

New Orleans Owls
    1    Stomp Off, Let's Go
    2    Oh Me! Oh My!
    3    The Owl's Hoot
    4    Piccadilly
    5    Temperance
    6    Dynamite
    7    Pretty Baby
    8    West End Romp
    9    Blowin' Off Steam
    10    White Ghost Shivers
    11    The Nightmare
    12    Brotherly Love
    13    Eccentric
    14    That's A Plenty
    15    Meat On The Table
    16    The New Twister
    17    Goose Pimples
    18    Throwin' The Horns
New Orleans Rhythm Kings
    19    She's Crying' For Me
    20    She's Crying' For Me
    21    Everybody Loves Somebody Blues
    22    Everybody Loves Somebody Blues
John Hyman's Bayou Stompers
    23    Ain't Love Grand?
    24    Ain't Love Grand?
    25    Alligator Blues
    26    Alligator Blues

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