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Territory Bands: What Kind of Rhythm is That? :


George ELee And His Novelty Singing Orchestra 
    1    Down Home Syncopated Blues 
    2    Meritt Stomp 
Bill Brown And His Brownies 
    3    Bill Brown Blues 
    4    Hot Lips -89 
    5    Hot Lips -90 
The Chickasaw Syncopators 
    6    Chickasaw Stomp
    7    Memphis Rag 
Maynard Baird And His Southern Serenaders
    8    Sorry 
    9    Just For You 
George ELee And His Orchestra 
    10    If I Could Be With You One Hour Tonight 
    11    Paseo Strut 
    12    Ruff Scufflin' 
    13    StJames Infirmary 
Julia Lee 
    14    He's Tall Dark And Handsome 
    15    Won't You Come Over To My House 
Walter Page's Blue Devils 
    16    Blue Devil Blues 
    17    Squabbblin' 
Bill Brown And His Brownies 
    18    Zonky 
    19    What Kind Of Rhythm Is That ? 
Maynard Baird And His Orchestra 
    20    Postage Stomp 
    21    I Can't Stop Loving You 
Hunter's Serenaders 
    22    Sensational Mood 
    23    Dreaming 'Bout My Man 
Grant Moore And His New Orleans Black Devils 
    24    Mama Don't Allow No Music Playing Here 
    25    Original Dixieland One-Step

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