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Clarence Williams 1927-29: Shake 'Em Up


Clarence Williams clearly had an ear for talent & his finger well on the pulse of the New York jazz scene. Cornet & clarinet players alone that graced his classic Vocalion, Brunswick, Victor, Paramount & Grey Gull recordings were Ed Allen, Buster Bailey etc.

Clarence Williams & His Washboard Band 
    1    Cushion Foot Stomp -86 
    2    Cushion Foot Stomp -87 
    3    P.D.QBlues -88 
    4    P.D.QBlues -89 
Clarence Williams 'Blue Five' Orchestra 
    5    Baltimore -61 
    6    Baltimore -62 
    7    Take Your Black Bottom Outside 
Clarence Williams & His Bottomland Orchestra
    8    Slow River (Vocal) 
    9    Slow River (Non-Vocal) 
    10    Zulu Wail (Non-Vocal) 
    11    Zulu Wail (Vocal) 
Clarence Williams' Orchestra 
    12    Shooting The Pistol 
    13    Bottomland 
    14    Shake Em Up 
    15    Jingles 
Clarence Williams: Piano Solos 
    16    A Pane In The Glass -1 
    17    A Pane In The Glass –2 * 
    18    Too Low Memphis Jazzers 
    19    Close Fit Blues 
    20    Baby, Won't You Please Come Home? 
Clarence Williams & His Band 
    21    I'm Not Worrying 
    22    Touch-Down 
Clarence Williams' Washboard Band 
    23    In Our Cottage Of Love –1 * 
    24    In Our Cottage Of Love -2 
    25    Lazy Mama -1 
    26    Lazy Mama –2 * 
* Previously Unissued Take.

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