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Clarence Williams QRS Recordings 2


Katherine Henderson Acc. by Clarence Williams & His Orchestra
    1    Do It Baby
    2    Mushy Love
    3    If You Like Me
    4    If You Like Me -A
Sara Martin With Clarence Williams Orchestra 
    5    Hole In The Wall
    6    Hole In The Wall -A
    7    Don't You Turn Your Back On Me
    8    Death Sting Me Blues
    9    Mean Tight Mama
    10    Mistreating Man Blues
    11    Kitchen Man Blues
Clarence Williams & His Orchestra
    12    Beau-Koo-Jack
    13    Sister Kate
    14    Pane In The Glass
    15    Pane In The Glass -A
Laura Bryant With Clarence Williams' Orch.
    16    Dentist Chair Blues Part 1
    17    Dentist Chair Blues Part 2
    18    Saturday Night Jag
    19    Saturday Night Jag -A
Barrel House Five
    20    Hot Lovin'
    21    Hot Lovin' -A
    22    Mama Stayed Out
    23    Nobody's Business
    24    Endurance Stomp
    25    Endurance Stomp -A
    26    Some Do And Some Don't

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