King Oliver & his Orchestra 1

King Oliver & his Orchestra 1


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The highly acclaimed first of two volumes of the mighty King Oliver & His Orchestra's complete recorded output for Victor Records  made in 1929. Twenty two beautifully remastered tracks featuring hot trumpets and band action from the king himself together with  Louis Metcalf, Charlie Holmes, Luis Russell and the best that Jazz had to offer during the depression year. Remastering by John RT Davis & Ted Kendall with excellent notes by the late John Capes.

As first amongst equals Joseph "Joe King" Oliver (1885-1938) was outstanding in the first generation of New Orleans Jazz greats. The bands he put together are rightly considered to be among the greatest ever heard on record.  

King Oliver & his Orchestra

     1   West End Blues
    2    West End Blues 
    3    I've Got That Thing
    4    I've Got That Thing 
    5    Freakish Light Blues 
    6    Freakish Light Blues 
    7    Call Of The Freaks
    8    Call Of The Freaks 
    9    The Trumpet's Prayer
    10    The Trumpet's Prayer 
    11    Can I Tell You?
    12    Can I Tell You? 
    13    My Good Man Sam
    14    My Good Man Sam 
    15    What You Want Me To Do?
    16    Sweet Like This
    17    Too Late
    18    I'm Lonesome Sweetheart
    19    I Want You Just Myself
    20    I Can't Stop Loving You
    21    Everybody Does In Hawaii
    22    Everybody Does In Hawaii  

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