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Lem Fowler: Chittering Struts & Washboards Stomps


John PVigal
    1    Fowler Twist
Mary Straine
    2    Ain't Got Nothing Blues
Ellen Coleman
    3    Cruel Back Bitin' Blues
    4    You've Got Everything A Sweet Mama Need
Lemuel Fowler
    5    Satisfied Blues
    6    Blues Mixture
Edna Hicks
    7    Wicked Dirty Fives
    8    Squawkin' The Blues
Fowlers Washboard Wonders
    9    Chitterlin' Strut
    10    Washboard Stomp
Clarinet Joe & His Hot Footers
    11    Rabbit Foot Blues
    12    What Kinda Man Is You?
Fowlers Washboard Wonders
    13    Dodgin' My Man
    14    Pig Foot Shuffle
    15    Steppin' Old Fool
    16    Express Train Blues
The Jim-Dandies
    17    Shake That Thing
    18    Charleston Geechie Dance
Fowlers Washboard Wonders
    19    The Florida Blues
    20    Salty Dog
    21    Jelly Roll Blues
    22    Frisky Feet
Fowlers Favorites
    23    Percolatin' Blues
    24    Hot Strut

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