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The Missourians: Stopping The Traffic


Seminole Syncopators
    1    Blue Grass Blues
    2    Sailing On Lake Ponchartrain
Harry's Happy Four
    3    Swinging The Swing 
    4    A StLouis Chant 
Sara Martin With Harry's Happy Four
    5    Some Of These Mornings 
    6    Yes Sir, That's My Baby
    7    Alabamy Bound
Harry's Happy Four
    8    Western Melody 
    9    Blues That's All 
Andy Preer's Cotton Club Orchestra
    10    I Found A New Baby
The Missourians
    11    Market Street Stomp
    12    Ozark Mountain Blues
    13    Ozark Mountain Blues #2
    14    You'll Cry For Me But I'll Be Gone
    15    You'll Cry For Me But I'll Be Gone #2
    16    Missouri Moan
    17    I've Got Someone
    18    400 Hop
    19    Vine Street Drag
    20    Scotty Blues
    21    200 Squabble
    22    Swingin' Dem Cats
    23    Stoppin' The Traffic
    24    Prohibition Blues

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