Frog Spawn The First Batch

Frog Spawn The First Batch


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King Oliver & His Orchestra
    1    Frankie & Johnny
    2    Olga 
    3    You Were Only Passing Time With Me
Earl Hines & His Orchestra
    4    Beau Koo Jack
Thomas Morris & His Seven Hot Babies
    5    The Mess
Fletcher Henderson & His Orchestra
    6    Clarinet Marmalade
Paul Davis & His Orchestra
    7    Black And Tan Fantasy
Texas Blues Destroyers
    8    Lenox Avenue Shuffle
    9    Down In The Mouth Blues
The Blue Rhythm Orchestra
    10    Keep Your Temper  
    11    Santa Claus Blues
    12    Hold 'Er, Deacon
Frankie Franko & His Louisianians
    13    Golden Lily Blues
The Dixie Stompers
    14    Hi-Diddle-Diddle
William Bailey
    15    Pa Pa De Da-Da
    16    Squeeze Me
Matson's Lucky Seven
    17    Lawdy Lawdy Blues
    18    Jail House Blues
The Troy Harmonists
    19    Great Scott
Jackson & His Southern Stompers
    20    Dusky Stevedore
    21    Take Your Tomorrow (Give Me Today)
Eubie Blake & His Orchestra
    22    Thumpin' & Bumpin'
    23    Little Girl  
    24    My Blue Days Blew Over
Dicky Wells' Shim Shammers
    25    Baby, Are You Satisfied?

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