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Clarence Williams Washboard Bands 1926-29


Play a sample clip (~1 min)
Dixie Washboard Band
    1    Wait Till You See My Baby Do The Charleston

    2    Livin' High
    3    Wait Till You See My Baby Do The Charleston #3 
    4    You For Me, Me For You
    5    My Own Blues
    6    Boodle Am #4
    7    Boodle Am #7
    8    I've Found A New Baby
Blue Grass Footwarmers
    9    Senorita Mine
    10    Charleston Hound
    11    How Could I Be Blue?
    12    Old Folks Shuffle #2
    13    Old Folks Shuffle #3
Dixie Washboard Band
    14    Dark Eyes
    15    Gimme Blues
    16    King Of The Zulus
    17    The Zulu Blues
Clarence Williams' Washboard Four
    18    Nobody But My Baby Is Gettin' My Love
    19    Candy Lips
Dixie Washboard Band
    20    Anywhere Sweetie Goes #4
    21    Cushion Foot Stomp #3
Clarence Williams' Washboard Five
    22    Cushion Foot Stomp
    23    Take Your Black Bottom Outside
Clarence Williams' Washboard Band
    24    High Society #A
    25    High Society #C
    26    Whoop It Up

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