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New York Volume 1: Hot Notes


Savoy Bearcats 
    1    Sengalese Stomp 
    2    Bearcat Stomp 
    3    Nightmare 
    4    Stampede 
    5    How Could I Be Blue? 
    6    Hot Notes 
Evelyn Preer Accompanied By 
Duke Ellington And His Orchestra 
    7    If You Can't Hold The Man You Love 
Lloyd Scott's Orchestra 
    8    Harlem Shuffle
    9    Symphonic-Scronch 
    10    Happy Hour 
Charlie Johnson's Original Paradise Ten 
    11    Paradise Wobble 
    12    Birmingham Black Bottom
    13    Don't You Leave Me Here 
Charlie Johnson's Paradise Ten 
    14    You Ain't The One 
    15    Charleston Is The Best Dance After All 
    16    Hot-Tempered Blues 
Leroy Smith And His Orchestra 
    17    Rhapsody In Blue 
    18    St Louis Blues 
    19    I'm A Broken Hearted Blackbird 
Charlie Johnson And His Paradise Band 
    20    The Boy In The Boat
    21    Walk That Thing 
Charlie Johnson And His Orchestra 
    22    Harlem Drag 
    23    Hot Bones And Rice 
Joe Steele And His Orchestra 
    24    Coal-Yard Shuffle 
    25    Top And Bottom

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