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The Frog Blues & Jazz Annual No 4
‘The Musicians, the Records, and the Music of the 78 era’
Edited by Paul Swinton


Erik Host (Denmark)
"I was delighted to receive the beautiful Frog # 4 yesterday. The rather long waiting for the arrival is really peanuts, when the result is so great!
The new McTell picture knocked me out! What a treasure, and finding Ed Rhodes still living is nothing more than a miracle! Your article “Bits And Missing Pieces” was very interesting, and followed by Bruce Bastin’s “The Atlanta Blues Scene”. Simply worth the whole price! Thanks a lot. You certainly made my day! "  

‘Grandniece’ of Meade Lux Lewis (sent via Michael Hortig, Austria)
"I read your article on Uncle Meade and I just loved it. I look forward to sharing it with my family as I am sure they too will enjoy it. The picture I remember my uncle the most is the one you posted with the bow tie and big smile. I remember seeing him look like that leaving the house when he came to visit. Only he would wear a white suit jacket black pants and bow tie. What I would give to see that smile face to face. Thank you so much for your love, caring and tenderness for my uncle that also extends to me and my family. I am ever indebted to you and the love you have for his music that keeps his memory close to my heart."  

Carrie Tillett (Ledbury, U.K.)
"What a triumph Frog 4 is! It’s like a candy shop – I dip into it and learn something new every page. Had to smile about ‘Fats Waller’s Silk Tie’… Many thanks."  

Martin Ralf (New York City)
"My God, I nearly had a heart attack! Every year (or is it every two years?) I think it can’t get any better. But when I opened up number four this morning I nearly fell over. Absolutely stunning. Well done mate. I started with Bechet’s gunfight in Paris and three hours later I got to Jasper Taylor & Blind Blake.. now it’s evening and I’ve only just arrived at your washboard piece. I’m putting it down now, before I do myself an injury…. Exceptional."   

Ken Smith (ex owner of Red Lick, South Wales)
"Just opened the mailbox and found a copy of your fabulous annual…The best one yet eh? A beautiful bounteous blast from beginning to end from the look of it. Haven't dug in deeply yet but I can see it's gonna keep me absorbed for hours and hours. Marvellous diverse bunch of subjects too. Can't wait to dig into the McTell piece and Luis Russell has been dear to me for a good few years now so that's a must. Great to see Bruce Bastin back in print again, nice long article too. Don't know Arthur Briggs, Bob Shoffner, Bunky & Flo, etc but this will enlighten me, lots of mouth watering stuff. And what photos!!!Never seen tons of them, lovely Son House stuff, Willie Brown!!!!! young Teddy Bunn, Clarence, clarification about the one I always was (in) Tarter & Gay. I'm sure I'll find out as I root thru the pages but don't recognise that guitar picker on the inside front cover but what a fantastic picture. Sound a bit like a fan don't I? Well I think I am. Rollicking good stuff!!
You don't need me to urge you to keep up the good work, I bet you hear that phrase every day."   

Jack Goode (Glasgow, UK)
"Annual No.4 is the best one yet - sound quality on the CDs is first class."  

Michael J. Griffiths (London, UK)
"Congratulations on the issue of the Frog Blues & Jazz Annual No. 4. It has cheered up what was threatening to become a rather dismal summer. Continuing the high standards of its predecessors, it is truly an exceptional publication. A wealth of painstakingly researched articles, wonderful photographs and artwork, old press cuttings and advertisements from American papers, and all beautifully presented, it brings vividly to life the early days of jazz and blues. There is so much to read and look at that once picked up and opened it is difficult to put it down, and all this can be enjoyed while listening to the accompanying CD. It is a joy to own. I look forward to the promised volume 5 and hope that the suggestion that it may be the last in the series will prove unfounded. With many thanks to all involved."



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