Update on Annual No 6 & The Piedmont/ McTell box set (It’s The Best Stuff Yet!” DGF 88)

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April 2019

Probably a good idea if I give a personal progress report for all our 'friends of Frog' - so first, an update on current 'situation' here in Fleet, Hampshire (gateway to the South) so you (and many others) know that we are still active and alive.

First, health has not been good and although I am now off the numerous different pain killers I was on - and so relieved at losing the related side-effects of taking so many of the bloody things for the last 5 years - it seems to have left my immune system vunerable - 'cos I keep getting every lurge & virus around! I'm not at all bad today and using my now, 'clear head' and the sunshine outside to spur me to compose this quick 'newsletter'.

Among several projects I'm involved with, most have been delayed - so, no surprise there! But here is the current state of progress with FROG print and CD;
The Frog Annual No 6, has been near done and dusted for some 6 months ago! But for reasons too sordid, sad or boring to go into, it has had to take on some serious reorganisation and while it is still not finished!, it is so very close again and looking truly amazing - but I refuse to 'rush' the last pages, tweeking and proof reading etc So apologies to my ever-patient printers, authors & loyal Frog followers who have eagerly been waiting to see their brilliant research and articles in the last book - but 'Crowing Rooster' 'Kid Bailey' & 'Sam Morgan' are all new and welcome additional articles that the delay has now allowed & these will be in the final book and the whole thing WILL be completed and published as soon as layouts can be completed..AFTER I/we return from the USA.

I am long committed (and have paid for!) a trip, travelling to North Carolina, Tennessee, & Louisiana in May (2-16th) so I'll be going (with my minder Barry Young) regardless of how I feel - hopefully ‘fit as a fiddle’ – we plan to meet, once again, with many friends, collectors & researchers while there and will be bringing back ‘Gold’ for future Frog projects.

The Piedmont/ McTell box (It’s The Best Stuff Yet!” DGF 88A/B) is finished now. It is due to go off to Poland for manufacture this week - it will not be back in time at Frog HQ before I/we travel to NC on the 2nd May - so apologies to Larry Cohn, Bruce Bastin, David Evans etc and especially Chris Smith (for his 'last session' notes) - but I am sure all concerned will feel it well worth the wait.


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