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The Carter, Reagan, Bush Sr., Clinton, Bush Jr. & Obama Blues: Vol 1

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  • Carl O'Jones It's Carter the Peanut Man
  • Mississippi Delta Blues Band (Eddie Lang, v) Hell of a Mistake
  • Lonnie Brooks Inflation
  • Jessie Mae Hemphill Hard Times
  • King Solomon Energy Crisis
  • Yank Rachell Depression Blues
  • C. Burris Black President
  • Leslie Isaiah Gaines and I.C. Hot Band Reaganomic Blues, Part 1
  • J. Daniels OPEC Blues
  • Big Boy Henry President
  • Willie Cobb Inflation Blues
  • Louisiana Red Reagan Is for the Rich Man
  • Big Daddy Kinsey Bad Situation
  • Little Howlin' Wolf White House Blues
  • Omar Shariff Burn Baby Burn
  • Leslie Isaiah Gaines The Insane Hussein Blues Part 1 A.K.A.

Kick Some Butt Blues

  • Cooper Terry Stormy Desert
  • John Primer Inflation Blues
  • John Brim Wake Up America

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