Clarence Williams Vol: 1: Dreaming the Hours Away :

Clarence Williams Vol: 1: Dreaming the Hours Away :


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Clarence Williams was a legend in the world of Jazz & Blues. He was a businessman, talent scout, songwriter, pianist & band leader who most importantly organised many of the greatest recording sessions ever put on record. His legacy to the world of American music is incalculable.

The first volume of the classic Columbia recordings brings together all those made under the name of Clarence Williams and His Jazz Kings plus related issues made between 1926 and 28 and featuring an impressive line up that includes Ed Allen, King Oliver, Joe Jordan, Bennie Moten and Ed Cuffee as well as some tough vocals from Lizzie Miles & Eva Taylor. All heard in glorious sound quality.

Joe Jordan's Ten Sharps And Flats 
    1    Senegalese Stomp 
    2    Morocco Blues 
Lucille Hegamin 
    3    Nobody But My Baby Is Getting My Love 
    4    Senorita Mine 
Clarence Williams' Jazz Kings 
    5    Gravier Street Blues 
    6    Candy Lips 
    7    I'm Goin' Back To Botomland 
    8    You'll Long For Me 
    9    Dreaming The Hours Away 
    10    Close Fit Blues 
    11    Sweet Emmalina 
    12    Any Time 
    13    Red River Blues 
    14    I Need You Lizzie Miles 
    15    You're Such A Cruel Papa 
    16    My Dif'rent Kind Of Man 
Clarence Williams' Jazz Kings 
    17    The Keyboard Express 
    18    Walk That Broad 
Ethel Waters 
    19    West End Blues 
    20    Organ Grinder Blues 
    21    Get Up Off Your Knees
Irene Gibbons
    22    I'm Busy And You Can't Come In 
    23    Jeanine I Dream Of Lilac Time

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