Bobby Leecan - Suitcase Breakdown


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Until relatively recently, hearsay and rumour have been the only unreliable source available for would-be Bobbie Leecan biographers – but now, thanks to the perseverance of some dedicated researchers, Leecan is no longer a biographical blank and these notes by Guido van Rijn contain much new information about this great musician.

A high quality audio appreciation of Bobbie Leecan’s recorded work has long been overdue and as usual, we, at Frog Records, are most proud of the sonic results achieved by Nick Dellow on our behalf.

This is already destined to be a Frog Records best seller.

Play a sample clip (~1 min)
South Street Trio
1. Suitcase Breakdown
2. South Street Stomp #2
Bobbie Leecan & Robert Cooksey
3. Blue Harmonica
Bobbie Leecan’s Need-More Band
4. Short’nin’ Bread
Blind Bobby Baker
5. Macon Georgia Cut Out
6. Nobody Knows You When You’re Down And Out
South Street Trio
7. Cold Morning Shout
8. Mean Old Bed Bug Blues
Bobbie Leecan & Robert Cooksey
9. Dirty Guitar Blues
10. Ain’t She Sweet
Elizabeth Smith - Sidney Easton
11. When My Wants Run Out
12. Talk ‘Bout Something That’s Gwine To Happen
Thomas Waller with Morris’s Hot Babies
13. Red Hot Dan
Eddie Edinburgh
14. Harlem Baby
15. Wild Cats Ball
Bobbie Leecan’s Need-More Band
16. Midnight Susie
17. Apaloosa Blues
18. Washboard Cut-Out
Margaret Johnson
19. Good Woman Blues
20. Second Handed Blues
South Street Trio
21. Dallas Blues
Bobbie Leecan & Robert Cooksey
22. Royal Palm Special
Albert Hunter
23. Gimme All The Love You Got
24. My Particular Man
Dixie Jazzers Washboard Band
25. Kansas City Shuffle
26. Black Cat Bone

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