Memphis Jug Band Volume 2

Memphis Jug Band Volume 2


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Memphis Jug Band: 
    1    Lindberg Hop 
    2    Sugar Pudding
    3    A Black Woman Is Like A Black Snake
    4    On The Road Again 
    5    Whitewash Station Blues 
    6    Stealin' , Stealin' 
    7    Jug Band Waltz 
    8    Mississippi River Waltz 
Will Shade 
    9    Better Leave That Stuff Alone 
    10She Stabbed Me With An Ice-Pick 
    11    I Can't Stand It 
    12    What's The Matter? 
Minnie Wallace 
    13    Dirty Butter 
    14    The Old Folks Started It 
Hattie Hart 
    15    Won't You Be Kind To Me? 
    16    You Wouldn't, Would You, Papa? 
    17    Feed Your Friend With A Long Handled Spoon 
    18    I Can Beat You Plenty (That Hand You Tried To Deal Me Will)
    19    Taking Your Place 
    20    Tired Of You Driving Me 
    21    Memphis Yo Yo Blues 
    22    K.C. Moan 
    23    I Whipped My Woman With A Single-Tree

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