Memphis Rounders Blues

Memphis Rounders Blues


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This exciting new release has arrived from the pressing plant and started dispatch Fri. 22nd.   You can order now..


Rare and alternate takes.

Play a sample clip (~1 min)
Jim Jackson, vocal & guitar
1. I’m Wild About My Lovin’
2. This Morning She Was Gone
Jim Jackson, vocal & guitar
3. This Ain’t No Place For Me
Jim Jackson, vocal & guitar
4. I’m Gonna Move To Louisiana – Pt. 1
5. I’m Gonna Move To Louisiana – Pt. 2
Frank Stokes, vocal & guitar; Dan Sane, guitar.
6. ‘Tain’t Nobody’s Business If I Do – Part 1
7. ‘Tain’t Nobody’s Business If I Do – Part 2
Tommy Johnson, vocal & guitar
8. Lonesome Home Blues
9. Lonesome Home Blues
Charlie Kyle, vocal & guitar
10. Kyle’s Worried Blues
11. Monkey-Man Blues
Will Shade, vocal & guitar; Jab Jones, piano.
12. Better Leave That Stuff Alone
13. Better Leave That Stuff Alone
14. She Stabbed Me With An Ice-Pick
Minnie Wallace, vocal; acc. probably: Will Shade, guitar-1/harmonica-2; Milton Roby, violin; Jab Jones, piano-1/jug-2; Charlie Burse guitar-2
15. Dirty Butter-1
16. The Old Folks Started It-2
Frank Stokes, vocal & guitar; Will Batts, violin 
17. South Memphis Blues
18. Bunker Hill Blues
Hattie Hart, vocal; probably: Will shade, guitar; Milton Roby, violin; Johnny Hardge, piano;
19. Won’t You Be Kind To Me? 
Frank Stokes, vocal & guitar; Will Batts, violin 
20. Right Now Blues
21. Shiney Town Blues
Frank Stokes, vocal & guitar; Will Batts, violin-1 
22. I’m Going Away Blues-1
23. Old Sometime Blues-1
24. Frank Stokes’ Dream
25. Memphis Rounders Blues


All of the rare recordings on this Frog issue have been sourced from the best conditioned copies known to exist. Many titles present alternative takes to those commercially issued and have only been heard by a select few prior to this release.
All transfers by Nick Dellow, from rare originals.
We would like to dedicate this release to the loving memory of Rod King - who sadly died on the 1st May 2015.

Today’s visitor to Beale Street can still hear the great sound of Frank Stokes or Tommy Johnson playing at Schwabs hardware store but now the shops' staff play this superior “background music” from a Yazoo or Frog CD. Beale Street may no longer boast among its regulars the guitar picking legends of its hey-day - but it does still talk.

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